Corso di Political science and international relations - Università degli Studi di Parma

A Course that offers a multidisciplinary approach that will enable you to understand and interpret in their complexity current problems, considered from an international perspective. A course that is characterized by attention to the quality of teaching, which is increasingly oriented to a laboratory approach and is highly appreciated by students. In a context characterized by a marked vitality and resourcefulness of the enrolled students, who - starting from the stimuli of the lectures - organize numerous initiatives, often in collaboration with the professors, the student acquires skills and knowledge that open to a variety of employment opportunities and prospects for study in Second-cycle degree courses.

Degree course
Free access
course in Italian
class L-36
180 credits


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Atrio delle colonne
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No notices at the moment
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Dott. Pietro Simoni
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Prof. Emanuele Castelli

Faculty advisor

Prof. Fabio Corigliano

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Prof. Francesco Mazzacuva

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Prof. Giacomo Degli Antoni

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Prof.ssa Veronica Valenti

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Prof.ssa Laura Pineschi

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