Professional outlets

The political science graduate has a multidisciplinary education that opens up career paths in various fields, national and international, public and private, both in the non-profit and for-profit worlds.

Working after graduation

In the attached document you can find some professions that represent potential job opportunities for graduates from the Political Science Degree Course. For each profession, the main tasks and specific activities that characterise it are described.

Main careers and professions

The professions described in the downloadable file include:
Internationalisation officer in public administration
Foreign relations officer in the private sector (profit and non-profit)
Studies officer
General affairs officer

The employment opportunities of Political Science graduates therefore relate to:
Public administration;
Private profit and non-profit enterprises;
National and local public bodies (subject to entrance exams);
Trade unions and trade associations;
Private profit and non-profit organisations.
Political science graduates are generally admitted to public competitions for access to different roles and positions within state administrations, non-economic public bodies and local authorities.