cod. 1005146

Academic year 2014/15
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Fisica teorica, modelli e metodi matematici (FIS/02)
Teorico e dei fondamenti della fisica
Type of training activity
52 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

The aim of the course is to give the basic knowledge to describe nuclear
and elementary particle phenomena by using the formalism of relativity
and of quantum mechanics.


Basic knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and Theory of Special Relativity

Course unit content

Historical Introduction
The atom, the nucleus, the fundamental fermions and bosons. The
standard model of the fundamental interactions.
Invariance principles and conservations laws
The cross section, the coupling constant. Particles decays and lifetimes
The Dirac equation
Elements of special relativity and of relativistic kinematics
Introduction to the present knowledge of the fundamental interactions.
Introduction to hadrons and to strong interactions
The structure of the hadrons. The quark model
Weak interactions and neutrinos
The physics of the Nuclear interactions
Binding energy. Nuclear dynamics. Nuclear models. Beta, alpha and
gamma decays.
Radioactivity and nuclear transition processes. ( nuclear fission, nuclear
fusion )
Fission nuclear reactors
Nuclear fusion within the stars.
Particle accelerators and detectors

Full programme

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Original scientific papers
E. Fermi Tentativo di una teoria dei raggi beta. "Nuovo Cimento". 2
(1934), 1-19;
M. Goldhaber, L. Grodzins, and A. W. Sunyar Helicity of Neutrinos Phys.
Rev. 109, 1015–1017 (1958)
B. Pontecorvo, Inverse Processes and Nonconservation of Lepton Charge,
JINR Preprint P-95, Dubna, 1957.
Lectures and Books:
L. Maiani Lezioni sulle Teorie di Gauge, 1974, CERN-Yellow Report
T.D. Lee Particle Physics and Introduction to Field Theory, Harwood
Academic; 1 edition (August 17, 1981)
Particelle e Interazioni Fondamentali: Il Mondo Delle Particelle Elementari
by S. Braibant , G. Giacomelli and M. Spurio
Springer - 2009
ISBN: 8847011604 ISBN-13: 9788847011601

Teaching methods

Written tests are planned along the course.
The final exam will consist in a written test and in a oral colloquium

Assessment methods and criteria

Written tests are planned along the course.
The final exam will consist in a written test and in a oral colloquium

Other information

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