Deputy course President

Prof. Eugenia Polverini Tel: 0521.905254

he Deputy President assists the President in his activities and replaces him when necessary.
She is responsible for publication in the degree course websites.

Quality Assurance Manager (RAQ)

Prof. Paolo Santini Tel.: 0521.905211

The RAQ:

  • collaborates with the course President and the Department Director in the planning of improvement actions and monitors their implementation;
  • monitors the smooth running of teaching activities and support services;
  • informs the course President of any problem concerning the smooth running of teaching activities, also on the basis of students' reports.

Education Manager (MQD)

Dr. Marco Squarcia  Tel: 0521.906094

The Manager ensures the organisation and functionality of the didactics of the study course, manages and updates the content of the study course website.

Review Group (RG)

  • Prof. Luigi Cristofolini (Course President)
  • Prof. Paolo Santini (RAQ)
  • Prof. Francesco Di Renzo
  • Dott. Marco Squarcia (MQD)
  • Dott. Roberto Simonetti (Student Representative)

The Review Group (RG) is made up of figures from within the course of study.

  •  It has the task of guiding the course towards the objective of continuous improvement of results.
  • It manages the process of self-evaluation, periodically monitoring the performance of the degree course, detecting the strenghts and weakness and proposing corrective and improvement actions.

Career guidance delegate

Prof. Alessio Bosio  Tel: 0521.905257

The Career Guidance delegate organises and promotes initiatives aimed at facilitating the entry of graduating and graduate students into the world of work.

Teaching Committee

The Teaching Committee, consisting of four Professors and the secretary of the Degree Committee, is charged with the following tasks:

  • provide support to students for the drafting of individual programmes of study;
  •  assess individual programmes of study and past careers;
  • assess the requirements for admission to the Second-cycle degree in Physics;
  • propose the assignment of final dissertations for the First-cycle degree in Physics;
  • propose the assignment of topics for seminars related to Other Educational Activities for the Second-cycle degree in Physics;
  • propose the assignment of the Thesis and supervisors for the Second-cycle degree in Physics.

Members of the Teaching Committee:
Prof. Stefania Abbuzzetti - (Coordinator)
Prof. Marisa Bonini - (Secretary of the Degree Committee)
Prof. Luca Griguolo -
Prof. Mauro Riccò - 
Dott. Marco Squarcia - (Education Manager)

Joint Committee of Teachers and Students

The Joint Committee of Teachers and Students (CPDS) is a permanent observatory on teaching activities. The SMFI Department's CPDS is composed of one Professor and one student from each of the department's degree programmes and is divided into sub-committees corresponding to the degree programmes belonging to the department.

Members of the CPDS for Degree Courses in Physics:

Prof. Massimo Ghidini
Prof. Luca Griguolo -
Dr. Ilaria Paliotti (student representative Second-cycle Degree) – 
Sig. Steven Gentili (student representative First-cycle Degree) –


Contact person for students with disabilities, Specific Learning Difficulties (DSA) or vulnerable groups

Prof. Andrea Baraldi Tel: 0521.905234

The course contact person for vulnerable groups works in close cooperation with the CAI (University Reception and Inclusion Centre) in the areas of reception, care, social integration and rights of people with disabilities, Specific Learning Difficulties (DSA), Special Educational Needs (BES).

Steering Committee

The First- and Second-cycle Degree Courses in Physics, in order to verify the appropriateness of their educational objectives and the teaching they provide, need to activate a constant collaborative relationship with the various external bodies. To this end, the Steering Committee (SC) was established to set up a consultation table between the Unified Course Council in Physics and representatives from the business world of work, the public administration, services, education and research.