Thesis research at private companies or contracted facilities

Students may choose to conduct their thesis research at private companies or contracted facilities.

Internships and thesis research can be a pathway by which the student is trained for an easier entry into the world of work.
The objectives can be multiple:
- enable the student to gain significant experience, with a high scientific and technological content, in confrontation with real business problems; - acquire an important training and orientation experience, enriching their CV with skills that are highly valued in future job interviews.
- enable the companies involved to learn more about university organisation and training.
Stepping momentarily out of the 'comfortable' academic world to breathe the air of the working world represents an investment in one's future.

A presence at the host facility of 525 hours is required, but the total duration may not exceed one year. The final examination will consist of the presentation of a seminar on the work carried out during the internship (point 6 of the Annex to the Degree Course Regulations).
The student must indicate the university tutor among the professors of the SMFI Department, which is also the internal supervisor of the Dissertation.


What to do

For everything you want to know about the internship, please contact the contact persons of the Degree Course in Physics:

Prof. Alessio Bosio
E-mail: - Tel. 0521.905257

Prof. Eugenia Polverini
E-mail: - Tel. 0521.905254

Dr. Marco Squarcia
E-mail: - Tel. 0521.906094 

For administrative information, please contact the Internships office, P.le S. Francesco, 3
Dr. Roberta Donaera  
E-mail: - Tel. 0521.902930


For the on-line procedure, connect to then follow the pathway: 
Servizi>Servizi per lo studio>Tirocini e stage>tirocini curriculari>procedura per gli studenti 

Follow the instructions highlighted in the “PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR STUDENTS” (in italian).
NOTE: The internship starts after the university tutor has accepted the training project submitted by the proposing party.