Characteristics of the final examination

An original research thesis is required for a Second-cycle Degree in Physics. This must develop topics relevant to the educational objectives of the course of study within the student's chosen pathway.
The research activity must be carried out at the University of Parma or in qualified research laboratories outside the University, Italian or foreign, but in any case under the supervision of a supervisor from within the University.
It can also be carried out through an internship in private companies or contracted facilities, always under the guidance of the university supervisor.
All University Professors teaching academic disciplines considered as characterising or related teaching areas in the Second-cycle Degree Course in Physics may be thesis supervisors.

Conduct of the final examination

The final examination includes the presentation of a seminar on the results of the research to the Degree Committee.
If the thesis was carried out at private companies or affiliated facilities, the final examination will consist of the presentation of a seminar on the work carried out at the host company or facility.

The final examination may be conducted in English; similarly, the degree thesis may be written in English; in this case, the graduating student is required to submit a summary in Italian at the same time as the paper in English.

Graduation grade

The Degree Committee formulates its judgement taking into account the student's entire course of study, assessing the student's cultural maturity and capacity for personal intellectual elaboration, as well as the quality of the work done in the final examination.

The graduation mark is calculated from the weighted average of the marks obtained in all examinations that received a grade in thirtieths. The weight of each mark is the number of ECTS credits of the course to which it relates. The Degree Committee, evaluating the candidate's curriculum and the result of the final examination, may add up to seven points to the resulting grade.