cod. 1005478

Academic year 2014/15
3° year of course - Annual
Professor responsible for the course unit
MARTUZZI Francesca
integrated course unit
12 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit
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Learning objectives

Objective of the course is to be able to manage a horse facility, knowing all the technical and structural aspects


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Course unit content

Breeding place; the horse in human activities, systems and technologies of breeding; structures in function of the production; accessories of the structures; appendix to the stables; comfort; work fields; how to transport horses; planning of equine breeding.

Full programme

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A. Checchi, “Scuderie”, Edagricole- Sole 24 ore Bologna.
F. Geiser, “ Cavalli: come occuparsene”, Istituto federale di allevamento equino svizzero.
E. Chiari,“ Trattato di ippologia II”, Unione tipografico Torino.

Teaching methods

Classroom lectures and visits in horse barns and facilities

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam and planning of a horse facility

Other information

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