Thesis/Final examination

The final examination consists of the discussion in front of a Committee of a thesis agreed upon between the student and a teaching staff member as supervisor, concerning a topic within a teaching subject of the degree course.

Specific information is published in the Course Regulations.

Deadlines and modalities for attribution of the thesis, final examination and degree

  1. The final examination consists of the discussion, before a Committee, of a dissertation outlined within the framework of a teaching programme and prepared by the candidate under the supervision of a supervisor and a rapporteur.
  2. The thesis and discussion, regardless of the type of thesis, is awarded a mark from 0 to 5, which is added to the weighted average of the marks achieved during candidate's career. The sum constitutes the final graduation grade, expressed on a basis of 110, with possible honours upon unanimous opinion of the Committee.
    Starting from a.y. 2020-2021, any additional points may be awarded for successful attendance of specific activities, solely on the basis of determinations by the Degree Course or University bodies.
  3. The thesis may be written in a language other than Italian, in accordance with the University Regulations and subject to the authorisation of the supervisor, the rapporteur (if any) and the Course Council.
  4. It is possible to take the final examination in a course from another degree programme. The degree examination must in all cases comply with these Regulations and take place in front of one of the Committees appointed for degrees in this degree programme.
  5. The Final Degree Examination Committee (Degree Committee) consists of at least five members and is appointed by the Department Director (pursuant to the University Regulations).
  6. In order to be eligible for the final examination, the student must have successfully completed all the activities envisaged in the official programme of study.
  7. In the event of failure to pass the final examination, regardless of the average mark obtained in the examinations, the title is not awarded.

Learning how to carry out bibliographic research

The University of Parma offers a useful online course (in Mooc format) to learn how to search for information and scientific literature online. Its name is Infodocpass and it is structured in two modules:

  1. Infopatent: searching for information online
  2. Bibliopatent: the basics of document search

Thesis elaboration guide

This general guide for the elaboration of the dissertation is indicative only. Students are invited to contact their thesis supervisor for further instructions regarding a specific discipline.