Course presentation

The degree course in Design and Coordination of Educational Services (class LM-50) is part of the Education Unit of the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries. It is a second-cycle degree that allows you to acquire the complex skills to design, implement, manage, coordinate and evaluate educational interventions and services in the field.

The course provides interdisciplinary skills, with particular reference to the pedagogical-didactic field; knowledge relating to sociological, political and organisational aspects; skills relating to the economic aspects of educational systems and services, as well as the management and development of human resources. In addition, the course is characterised by the possibility of enriching one's cultural education, so as to be able to read and interpret human reality.

The course responds effectively to the needs presented by the complexity of the coordination of educational services, with particular reference to pedagogical and didactic aspects, early childhood care, integration of the disabled, national and regional European legislation on services, quality assessment, spatial planning strategies, information management and economic and financial analysis of services, issues related to the management and development of human resources, social policies and the relationship with the social context.

The course is of two-year duration, with a single curriculum and multiple choices among the courses offered.

Course presentation brochure and video - A.Y. 2023-24

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