Enrolment procedure

The Prospectus illustrates enrolment procedures and provides useful administrative information on the Degree Courses at the University of Parma:

For the enrolment procedure, please refer to the information published on the University website:

The specific deadlines for enrolment, transfers and transitions are published on the following page of the Department website:

Entry requirements

Access to the course requires a First-cycle degree or a four-year degree. Graduates in Classes 18 (formerly M.D. 509/1999) and 19 (ex M.D. 270/2004), from any Italian university, are in any case considered eligible for admission, provided they possess a B1-level in the language(s) for which the B2 examination is envisaged in the Second-cycle degree course programme of study (see details further down the page).

In order to be admitted to the Second-cycle degree course, a student who does not hold a class 18 or 19 degree must, in addition to fulfilling the language requirement referred to above, have completed 60 ECTS credits as indicated below:

  • 30 ECTS credits freely chosen from within the M-PED/01, M-PED/02, M-PED/03, M-PED/04 sectors;
  • 6 ECTS credits from the field of psychology within all the M-PSI sectors;
  • 24 ECTS credits freely chosen from at least two of the following sectors:
    SPS/07, SPS/08, SPS/12, M-DEA/01, M-FIL/03, M-FIL/04, M-FIL/05, M-FIL/06, M-GGR/01, M-GGR/02, SECS-P/01, SECS-P/02, M-STO/04, L-ART/03, L-ART/05, L-ART/06, L-ART/07, L-FIL-LET/10, L-FIL-LET/11, IUS/01, IUS/07, IUS/17, MED/39, MED/43.

Those who do not meet the requirements can pre-enrol for the Second-cyce degree by the prescribed deadline and acquire the missing credits through individual examinations taken from the First-cycle degree programme. As soon as the missing credits are achieved, the enrolment will become effective. In any case, the debt must be cleared by 31 March or the pre-enrolment will be forfeited.

Knowledge at B1 level of one of the foreign languages included in the programme of study, achieved during previous studies or attested by appropriate certification, is required. It is advisable to ask your university for proof of the level of the examination as soon as possible, if not already indicated in the documentation, as the issue of such proof may take time. In the absence of proof of the level, we will not be able to consider it as a valid entry qualification and the B1 language exam will be counted among the credits to be recovered for access.

It is also required to possess the ability to understand informative/argumentative written texts in Italian on philosophical, geographical, pedagogical, psychological and sociological topics. To this end, at the beginning of the Course, an access requirement check will be carried out, the procedures for which will be laid down in the Course Regulations.

It is specified that in any case these are not training debts in terms of credits, but only supplementary support activities to improve the ability to analyse and understand the proposed texts.