Transfers and course transitions

For general information on transfers (incoming and outgoing) and course transitions, please refer to what has already been published on the University website:

The relevant deadlines can be found on the appropriate page of the Department website:

Validation of examinations

Students who, for transfer or second degree, require the validation of examinations previously taken in other degree courses must do so formally at the time of enrolment, by contacting the Student Registry office of the humanities degree courses for information on procedures and indications on how to request validation. The actual validation, which will appear in the student’s online transcript, can only be carried out once the enrolment has been finalised.

Prior to actual enrolment, course teaching staff members can provide informal advice on the number of examinations that will be validated. It must be requested by sending, no earlier than April of the year in which you wish to enrol, an email clearly specifying which degree course you would like to enrol in and attaching a certificate of the examinations you have taken, showing their exact names, the relevant academic discipline (SSD), the credits accrued, the date on which you passed the examination, as well as the university and the degree course.

Please note that only examinations taken in other Second-cycle degree courses can be validated for validations related to Second-cycle enrolments. For any examinations taken in four-year single-cycle degree courses and Professional Master programmes, this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The request should be sent to the e-mail address: (please indicate in the subject line of the e-mail: "Request for validation counselling + first and last name")

The request will then be assigned to a teaching staff member who will send you the counselling directly.

The counselling report should be attached to the validation application submitted at the same time as the enrolment.