Course units and programme of study

The programme of study is the set of compulsory and elective course units that the student must take in order to graduate.

Submission of the programme of study for your year of enrolment is compulsory and is required, in particular, for registration for examinations and for completion of the teaching evaluation questionnaires.

All current students must submit their programme of study online via the Esse3 system. The programme of study may differ according to the academic year of enrolment ('cohort'); it may also provide for a choice between different study paths ('curriculum').

To see the list of course units that you can include in your programme of study, select the academic year of enrolment and, if available, the curriculum.

List of courses

How the programme of study works

The list of course units in the programme of study represents the set of training activities that can be envisaged for each of the years of which the Degree Course consists and changes according to the year of enrolment of the student. 'Free or restricted-choice' course units are optional educational activities that students may include in their programme of study; the remaining course units are compulsory for all students.

The programme of study must be submitted online by the student for each year using the ESSE3 system.

Compilation of the programme of study

All information concerning the compilation of the programme of study is published on the Department's website:

Degree Course-specific operating instructions
A.Y. 2023-24

The choice of free ECTS credits may be made from among the course units offered by one's own course or those offered by the university's other First-cycle and/or Second-cycle degree courses in the current academic year, provided that no courses already taken in the First-cycle degree course or mutuations of courses already taken are selected.

Second-year students are allowed to include in their programme of study up to 12 ECTS credits in addition to the minimums laid down in the curriculum: these examinations, once included, become part of the student's programme for all purposes and must necessarily be taken before graduating.

Programmes of study for part-time enrolled students: the the programme of study must be completed on paper: contact the Course Quality Assurance office at

Programmes of study for students not completing the course within the prescribed time: the programme of study cannot be modified. In the event of justified teaching problems, the student must submit a request for amendment to the Course President for approval by the Course Council. A change in the programme of study implies enrolment in the a.y. 2023/2024 and the consequent possibility of graduating from the first useful session of that academic year (July 2024).