Transfers and course transitions

A student enrolled at another university who wishes to come to study at our university, or who is enrolled at this university and wishes to study elsewhere, may apply for a transfer.

If the student is enrolled at this university, but wishes to change degree course, he/she may apply for a change of course

The student who enrolled in a given academic year may, by the deadline of the second instalment of fees and without any charge, apply for an option to another degree course. After that date, the option is no longer permitted and it is necessary to apply for a change of course.

Information and evaluation

For information and assessments relating to individual careers, students may contact:
For information on documents and deadlines, please contact:

Enrolment for transfer from other universities

Enrolment information for students intending to transfer from other universities.
Are you a student enrolled in a Master's degree course in Law at another university and wish to transfer to the corresponding degree course at the University of Parma? Do you want to know, approximately, which exams and how many credits will be validated?
On the 'Teaching and Programme of Study' page you will find the study plans for the Master's degree course corresponding to the various academic years. In principle, please note that:

a) if you are duly enrolled in a Master of Laws degree course at another university, you will be enrolled in the year following the one in which you were enrolled at your university of origin.

Scheme with corresponding year and reference Programme of Study for those transferring to the Master of Laws degree course in the academic year 2024/2025.

Enrolled at another university Parma: year of enrolment and reference Programme of Study

  • 1st year = enrolled at 2nd year - Programme of study a.y. 2023/2024
  • 2nd year = enrolled at 3rd year - Programme of study a.y. 2022/2023
  • 3rd year = enrolled at 4th year - Programme of study a.y. 2021/2022
  • 4th year = enrolled at 5th year - Programme of study a.y. 2020/2021
  • 5th year or Out of course = enrolled at 5th year Repeat - Programme of study a.y. 2020/2021

b) if you have already taken examinations that have the same name as those indicated in the Programme of Study applicable to you for a number of credits equal to or greater than the number indicated next to the name of the teaching in the reference Programme of Study, the examinations taken will be validated for you without the need for additions. Exceptions to this are examinations in Civil Law I and II and Roman Law, for which point (c) applies, and the examinations indicated in point (d). Examinations relating to subjects other than those offered by the Law degree course will also be validated as elective examinations, provided that they correspond to at least 5 ECTS credits and are consistent with the Programme of Study;

c) if the name of the examination you have taken is identical but the number of credits acquired is lower, or the name of the examination is different, you must contact the subject contact persons indicated below. The contact person will decide, on a case-by-case basis, which examinations to validate and for how many credits and, if necessary, will set the schedule for the requested integration. You must submit to the referee the syllabus of the examination you have taken; the syllabus submitted to the referee must be certified by your university of origin with an indication of the degree course and the reference academic year, which must be the one in which the examination was taken.

d) Special rules apply to the following examination:

Private Law Institutions: the following subjects are validated as Private Law Institutions for 12 ECTS credits Private Law; Private Law Institutions 1 + Private Law Institutions 2 (opp. I and II; opp. A and B); Private Law 1 + Private Law 2 (opp. I and II; opp. A and B) supported for at least 8 ECTS credits. Validation will require a supplementary module, to be agreed with the contact person, if one of the above-mentioned examinations has been taken for a total number of CFUs less than 8 (e.g: Private Law of 7 ECTS credits) or, irrespective of the number of ECTS credits, only one part of the 'split' examinations (e.g. Private Law I of 13 ECTS credits).

Entry with previous career (graduate, lapsed, renounced)

Enrolment information for students intending to re-enrol in a degree course in Law following forfeiture or resignation from another university career

If you have a previous career (graduate, forfeit, resigning) or are regularly enrolled in non-law degree courses, you may benefit from a shortened career if it is possible to validate examinations taken in these previous careers or other courses.
Outline of validated examinations, for examinations already taken, with reference to the year of enrolment and the Programme of Study:

  • credits validated for examinations already taken Year of enrolment and Programme of studies credits less than 30 = 1st year - Programme of studies a.y. 2024/2025
  • credits equal to or more than 30 = 2nd year - Programme of studies 2023/2024
  • credits equal to or more than 80 = 3rd year - Programme of studies a.y. 2022/2023
  • credits equal to or more than 130 = 4th year - Programme of studies a.y. 2021/2022
  • credits equal to or more than 180 = 5th year - Programme of studies a.y. 2020/2021

In principle, the same validation rules as outlined above for transfers will apply, but if examinations (not of a historical or philosophical nature) were taken before 2012, a supplementary refresher examination may be required. For Institutions of Private Law examinations also taken before 2012, the rules set out under d) apply.

Programmes of studies can be found on the 'Teaching and Programme of Study' page

N.B. Students transferring to, or taking advantage of a shortened career path to, the single-cycle degree course in Law degree course will only be able to sit examinations from the early session (December calls). Obviously, in order to take the examinations, it will be necessary to comply with the propaedeuticities and to have acquired the necessary attendance.

Reference teachers for the evaluation of past career programmes

Students who, having transferred from other universities or degree courses or having previous careers, need an evaluation of their exam syllabuses for possible validation within the single-cycle degree course may contact the following contact persons for the subjects listed below. The contact persons may be contacted prior to enrolment, on an informal and consultative basis, but must be contacted again after enrolment in accordance with the procedures that will be indicated by the Student registry office after enrolment.


  • Administrative law and administrative procedural law - Prof. Vasta
  • Civil law I and II - Prof. Coppola
  • Commercial law - Prof. Vitali
  • Constitutional law and constitutional protection of rights - Prof. Torretta
  • Labour law - Prof. Palladini
  • European Union law - Prof. Maffei M.C.
  • Family law - Prof. Coppola
  • Bankruptcy law, Banking law - Prof. Montanari
  • International law - Dr. Maffei M.C.
  • Private and procedural international law - Dr Maffei M.C.
  • Criminal Law I and II - Prof. Bianchi Malaika
  • Civil procedural law - Prof. Montanari
  • Comparative public law - Prof. Torretta
  • Roman law - Prof. Gardini
  • Tax law - Prof. Comelli
  • Political economy - Prof. Degli Antoni
  • Philosophy of law and the teachings of the disciplinary scientific sector IUS/20 - Prof. Tincani
  • Private Law Institutions - Prof. Coppola
  • Institutions of public law - Prof. Torretta
  • Institutions of Roman Law - Prof. Gardini
  • Criminal Procedure (Criminal Procedural Law) - Prof. Maffei S.
  • Financial Science and all the subjects of SSD SECS-P/01 and SECS-P/03 - Prof. Degli Antoni
  • Sociology of Law (Legal Sociology) - Prof. Tincani
  • History of Italian Law - Prof. Errera
  • History of Roman Law - Prof. Gardini
  • Language skills - Prof. Laura Pineschi

Enrolment period

a.y. 2024/2025

⇒ Period for transitions and incoming transfers: 17 July until 18 October 2024; outgoing transfers: until 31 December 2024.
Info for enrolment: Changing course or university, or contact the Student registry office

⇒ Period for enrolment with career shortening: from 16 July 2024 to 20 September 2024.
Interested parties must follow the registration procedure (by selecting 'previous career' in the compilation).
N.B. Students with previous careers in any capacity, in order to begin the examination recognition procedure, are required to send a self-certification of graduation, forfeiture or renunciation, with the examinations previously taken, to the Student registry office by email.