Corso di Law - Università degli Studi di Parma

A degree course that provides a preparation for the modern jurist, already well oriented towards various professional outlets, also at the international level. This course, which, also thanks to the support of the city's legal institutions, offers quality training, especially based on the casuistic, seminar and workshop method: in an atmosphere of fruitful cooperation with Faculty members and fellow students, students experience a practical approach to reality and acquire concrete skills, not only purely legal, but transversal, to be spent on the job. Indeed, the employment and satisfaction results of law graduates in Parma are remarkable.

Single cycle degree course 5 years
Free access
course in Italian
class LMG/01
300 credits


course code
cortile Palazzo Centrale
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No notices at the moment
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Toll-free number

800 904 084

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Quality assurance office

Education manager:
Mrs Anna Maria Roseto
T. +39 0521 904130
Office E. giurisp.didattica@unipr
Manager E. annamaria.roseto@unipr

President of the degree course

Prof. Luca Ghidoni

Faculty advisor

Prof. Marco Gardini

Career guidance delegate

Prof. Francesco Mazzacuva

Erasmus delegates

Prof.ssa Malaika Bianchi

Quality assurance manager

Prof. Andrea Errera

Tutor students

link: Tutor for students