After graduation

Career guidance is a service that aims to guide undergraduate and graduate students towards the world of work, through various activities and initiatives.

Post-graduate career guidance

Career guidance is mainly carried out by degree course staff and the Academic and career guidance division.

  • the degree course, through the department's delegate or delegate, organises and publicises meetings with representatives of the world of work (e.g. professionals, public officials, entrepreneurs, etc.) in order to illustrate to students the characteristics of individual activities and the challenges that graduates will have to face at the end of their university education.
  • The Academic and career guidance office organises a series of orientation interventions to accompany those who are about to finish or have already finished a university course towards the world of work, favouring the improvement of soft skills and knowledge of professional profiles and related opportunities.

The main services offered to undergraduates and graduates are:

  • jobs notice board with all job offers posted by companies, bodies and organisations registered in various capacities on the AlmaLaurea portal
  • job opportunities, publishing opportunities for students, undergraduates and graduates;
  • Job day, an annual event aimed at fostering direct relations between companies and undergraduates or graduates of the University of Parma;
  • seminars and meetings on how to draw up a curriculum vitae and cover letter, how to successfully face a job interview (individual and group interview simulations), etc.;
  •  orientation internships (or placements) reserved for undergraduates within twelve months of graduation.

In addition, ER.GO. also provides various support services for recent graduates on its 'Job Orientation' page.

Postgraduate orientation meetings organised by the Department

The Department of Law, Politics and International Studies  of the University of Parma organises meetings with professionals, magistrates, diplomats, public officials and representatives of the business world, in order to illustrate to students the characteristics of individual activities and the challenges that future legal practitioners will have to face in the liberal professions, public administration, business and international careers.

Studying after graduation

A Master's Degree in Law allows access to PhDs, Postgraduate Schools, University Master's Degrees, Postgraduate and Advanced Courses, and qualifying courses for aspiring teachers:
- PhD in Legal Sciences, which aims to train individuals for high-level research activities and lawyers specialised in traditional legal professions, both in the public and private sector.
- Specialization school for the Legal Professions, which awards a Specialisation Diploma that is Specialization school sessed for the purposes of completing one year of the practice period for access to the professions of lawyer and notary public and constitutes a qualification for access to the competition for the judiciary.
- Level II university master's degrees, aimed specifically at master's degree holders.
- Advanced Course in Labour Law, which is designed to provide participants with tools for knowledge and in-depth study of some of the main issues in labour law and social security.
- Initial and in-service training courses for teachers, of which the University of Parma offers different types, delivered in both traditional and e-learning modes.