As stated in the course regulations, the Second-Cycle Degree Course in Genomic, molecular and industrial biotechnologies provides that, during the final year of the degree course, students complete their training through an internship that consists of the design and execution of an original experimental study.
The internship activity requires the activation of a 'training project' to be carried out at least TWO WEEKS before the start of the internship.
The internship activity may be conducted at a university department, institute or research laboratory or at an external contracted body, in Italy or abroad, as follows:




The student must agree on the activities to be carried out as an internship with a professor/instructor from the university (also called a COMPANY TUTOR).
At least 15 days before the start date of the internship:
- the student asks the COMPANY TUTOR to inform the INTERNSHIPS REFERENT (Prof. Marco Ventura) by e-mail of the start date and the activities to be carried out by the trainee. Prof. Ventura will compile the training project on ESSE3.
- The student must then choose on ESSE3 the ACADEMIC TUTOR (one of the two instructors responsible for the internship in the degree course: Prof. Paola Goffrini or Prof. Marco Ventura) and accept the training project.
With the subsequent approval of the academic tutor and the final visa of the internship Unit, the commencement procedure is concluded.


The student must agree on the activities to be carried out as an internship with:
- the contact person of the external body (COMPANY TUTOR) at which he/she wishes to carry out his/her research activity;

- the ACADEMIC TUTOR, a professor at the University (with specific skills in the field of the thesis project) who has made himself/herself available to carry out this role and who will assess the suitability of the training project.

According to the procedure described in this link, the external body must:

- have registered;

- have activated the agreement with the University of Parma;

- have entered the name of the company tutor via the contact menu link in the 'Company Area' section;

- have started the 'internship with known student' by entering the student's registration number and the training project.

At this point, an internship application is generated and visible to the student under the "My internships" menu item, and the student must choose in ESSE3 the ACADEMIC TUTOR (previously contacted), view the training project and accept it.
With the subsequent approval by the academic tutor and the final approval by the Internhips Unit, the procedure for the start of the activity is concluded.


For international mobility internships, interested parties are invited to contact and follow the instructions of the Internationalisation Unit and the members of the International Mobility Commission (Professors Maestri and Petraglia, Erasmus contact persons; Prof. Bartoli, Overworld and extra-European initiatives contact person) of theDepartment of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability.
The student must choose the ACADEMIC TUTOR, a professor/instructor from the University who has made himself/herself available to carry out this role and will assess the suitability of the training project agreed with the foreign structure (university, research body, company) at which he/she will carry out the internship. 
At the end of the internship abroad, should the foreign university not include in the Transcript of Records the official record with grade and number of ECTS credits, the student must provide a letter on the letterhead of the reference instructor of the foreign establishment where the internship took place, certifying attendance and learning outcomes.


You can consult the list of theses performed by our students. For each dissertation, the title, university structure/external body at which the research activity was carried out, supervisors/correspondents are listed. By browsing the list, you can view previously covered thesis topics, assess whether they are of interest to you, and contact the faculty advisor directly for more information about his/her line of research. 
This link also shows some internship proposals as examples. This is not an exhaustive list. In case of students interested in internships at ENEA laboratories, please contact Prof. Barbara Montanini or Prof. Roberta Ruotolo, attaching an updated CV.
Other in-company thesis proposals can be found at the Thesis 4u portal.