The course in brief

The Second-Cycle Degree Course in Genomic, Molecular and Industrial Biotechnologies prepares for the professional figure of a biotechnologist with highly transversal skills in the most advanced fields of biochemistry/molecular biology, genetics/genomics, microbiology and in particular application areas of industrial chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry.
The degree course is spread over two years and includes: face-to-face teaching in the first year and the first semester of the second year; practical exercises associated with various course units, as well as specialised seminars on various biotechnological topics, held by experts from both academia and companies operating in related fields.
The second semester of the second year is completely dedicated to laboratory activities for the preparation of the dissertation, which can be carried out in various laboratories of the University (in addition to those of the Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability in which the degree course is embedded), but also in companies and non-academic research centres in Italy and abroad.
Internships in foreign laboratories are encouraged through targeted internationalisation projects that often continue into the post-graduate period with PhDs or other third-level training activities abroad.
Graduates in Genomic, Molecular and Industrial Biotechnologies will be able to hold positions of responsibility in various research/development and production areas. Given the transversal and multidisciplinary nature of the knowledge/skills acquired, especially in the biomolecular, chemical and pharmaceutical fields, graduates in Genomic, Molecular and Industrial Biotechnologies will also be able to perform liaison functions between the various biological and chemical sectors in companies and research institutions, as well as activities for the promotion, dissemination and development of scientific and technological innovation in various application contexts.