Learning objectives

The skills provided by the Second-Cycle Degree Course in Genomic, Molecular and Industrial Biotechnologies will cover:
- Applications of the most modern knowledge of molecular biology, genetics/genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics and metabolomics, in various fields such as molecular diagnostics, including in the agro-food sector, the production of biopharmaceuticals and their validation, toxicogenomics and the elucidation of the molecular bases of human pathologies.
- The fundamentals and most relevant applications of industrial and pharmaceutical chemistry and related production processes.
- Methodologies for the genetic improvement of microorganisms producing substances of bio-industrial interest, together with the economic, ethical and environmental aspects of such applications, such as the production of antibiotics, recombinant proteins and vaccines, the development of bioassays and diagnostic kits of pharmaceutical and agro-food interest, as well as for biomonitoring and bioremediation purposes.
The attainment of the aforementioned knowledge and skills will be achieved through face-to-face teaching and targeted practical demonstrations. The acquisition of specific biotechnological skills will be deepened during the internship period preparatory to graduation for which 31 ECTS have been specifically allocated.