Access requirements

Admission to the Second-Cycle Degree Course in Genomic, Molecular and Industrial Biotechnologies requires a three-year first-cycle Degree, or another qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable.
Registration with educational debts is not permitted.
Admission to the Second-Cycle Degree Course also requires the possession of curricular requirements and adequate personal preparation, demonstrating basic knowledge in the mathematical, physical, chemical and biological disciplines.
Further rules concerning access are set out below and in the document 'ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND EVALUATION APPLICATION' (to be read carefully).
Eligible non-EU nationals: 5 of whom 1 Chinese national (Marco Polo Project).

Admission procedures

Curricular requirements and adequate personal preparation are required for admission to the Second-Cycle Degree Course.
The curricular requirements concern: a) possession of a degree in Class L-2 (Biotechnology) or b) possession of another degree certificate in the field of science with a minimum number of 60 total ECTS Credits (documented by the degree certificate and examinations taken) distributed among the MAT, FIS, CHIM, BIO, or other academic disciplines with a different denomination, but deemed equivalent in terms of general content.
Knowledge of English at B1 level is highly recommended.
Admission to the Second-Cycle degree course is in any case subject not only to the possession of the curricular requirements indicated above, but also to verification of the CANDIDATE'S ADEQUATE PREPARATION, which will be carried out through the analysis of his/her curriculum, which may be followed by an oral interview/written test, in accordance with the procedures indicated in the document "ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND EVALUATION APPLICATION" (to be read carefully).
DEADLINES FOR APPLICATIONS FOR EVALUATION OF CURRICULAR AND PERSONAL PREPARATION REQUIREMENTS: they may be sent from 12 noon on 15 June 2022 to 12 noon on 14 October 2022

APPLICATIONS FOR ADMISSION: from 6 p.m. on 7 July 2022 to 12 noon on 21 October 2022

For further details see points 5 and 6 of the document "ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND EVALUATION APPLICATIONS".
GENERAL ENROLMENT METHODS The enrolment procedure is exclusively online and is carried out from the home page of the University's website under "Online Enrolment".
APPLICATION FOR PRE-REGISTRATION TO THE SECOND-CYCLE DEGREE COURSES Students enrolled in a first-cycle degree course in the academic year 2021-2022 who intend to graduate within that academic year and continue their studies in a second-cycle degree programme, must submit an online pre-enrolment application by 21 October 2022.
Following this pre-enrolment, the undergraduate student is admitted to attend the Second-Cycle Degree Course as an auditor student. A pre-enrolled student may not acquire ECTS credits from the Second-Cycle degree course until he/she has obtained the degree. To activate this position, the undergraduate student is required to pay a non-refundable €50 pre-enrolment fee.
Upon graduation, the student may finalise enrolment in the Second-Cycle Degree Course by paying tuition fees.
Payment and subsequent registration must be made, under penalty of forfeiture, by 31 December 2022.




PART TIME registration

Since the 2015-2016 academic year, the figure of the part-time student has been introduced at the University of Parma.

More details can be found in the University Regulations for the Registration of Part-Time Students The programme of study for part-time students can be found in the annex to the Course Regulations.