Advising and guidance

The term guidance refers to all activities aimed at enabling the future student or current student to plan and manage their learning in a manner consistent with personal life goals and making full use of individual skills and interests in order to achieve personal fulfilment.
Depending on the moment in the university course when these activities are implemented, a distinction is made between:

  • guidance: carried out before choosing a degree course, aimed at prospective students and offering support in identifying the course to be undertaken on the basis of individual interests, expectations and aptitudes. In this phase, the various possible scenarios are presented to the future student and the alternatives of the university pathway are illustrated;
  • guidance: carried out during the university career, aimed at enrolled students and designed to guide them within the courses of study already undertaken, enabling them to establish a better interaction with the structures and the university context;
  • career guidance: carried out close to or after graduation, it is aimed at graduates or undergraduates and designed facilitate their introduction into the working environment.


The Second-Cycle Degree Course in Molecular and Industrial Genomic Biotechnologies periodically appoints a contact instructor for guidance activities. This instructor acts in a coordinated manner with the other delegates of the Degree Courses incardinated in the Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability Sciences to support the initiatives organised by the University with regard to orientation and information for students interested in enrolling in the Second-Cycle Degree Course in Molecular and Industrial Genomic Biotechnologies and to collaborate in the implementation of these actions.
These initiatives mainly refer to:
- The preparation of texts describing the Course of Study for the University brochures.
- The presentation to the third-year students of the Bachelor's Degree Course in Biotechnology and Biology of the Second-Cycle Degree Course in Molecular and Industrial Genomic Biotechnology, which is the natural continuation of their course of study.
- The organisation of Open Days, including the edition specifically dedicated to Second-cycle degrees. During these days, students can visit specially set up stands and receive information and illustrative material on the various Second-cycle Degree Courses. As part of the 'Open Day Lauree Magistrali', an important moment in the presentation of the degree course is the interview (lasting approximately 25 minutes), broadcast via streaming, in which the contact instructor for guidance activities illustrates the organisation of the degree course, the programme of study and employment opportunities. Typically, a student participates in this interview who brings his or her experience related to the course of study and the conduct of the dissertation.
- The activity of providing direct information to users in the event of personal contact by e-mail or telephone, possibly setting up appointments for visits or interviews.
- The activity of information and curriculum analysis of students from first-cycle degree courses other than Biotechnology and Biology who express their intention to enrol in the Genomic, Molecular and Industrial Biotechnologis degree course. In this way, it is verified that the requirements for enrolment are met (in accordance with the Regulations of the Course of Study) and information and advice is provided as to whether further study is required in disciplines for which deficiencies in previous preparation have been identified.
- Information and curriculum analysis of foreign students who express their intention to enrol in the course of study in Genomic, Molecular and Industrial Biotechnologies.

Guidance and tutoring

The Second-Cycle Degree Course in Genomic, Molecular and Industrial Biotechnologies identifies at least one tutor each year from among PhD or related degree students by means of a specific call for applications. The student tutor is available to help students in case of need, to inform them about procedures and other issues related to the training activities. His name and contact details are published on the Course website. The student tutor assists the degree course for guidance activities, such as the Second-Cycle Degree Open Day. The Course Council also includes the presence of student representatives through whose interventions the requests of students enrolled in the Genomic, Molecular and Industrial Biotechnologies Degree Course are presented.
The members of the International Mobility Commission of the Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability offer mentoring to students intending to study abroad. 
The disability delegate is available for tutoring and guidance of students with difficulties/disabilities.
In addition, the University of Parma provides a centralised service that deals with guidance at all levels, both pre- and post-graduate.