Characteristics of the final examination

As stated in the course regulations, the Final Examination is the last stage in the student's education and consists of the examination for a Second-cycle Degree.
The final examination consists of: a) the writing of a paper (degree thesis) on the experimental research activity carried out by the student at a university research laboratory or at an external public (or private) organisation that has an agreement with the University; b) the discussion of the degree thesis with a 15-minute presentation before a Degree Committee made up of at least five University professors (or experts in the field) appointed by the competent academic bodies.
The candidate's final evaluation takes into account:
- the average of the marks obtained in each course, for which a grade in thirtieths is envisaged;

- the outcome of the Final Examination.
The Commission collegially assesses the candidate's expository capacity and understanding of the themes relating to the thesis and awards a maximum score of 8 points, which will be added to the mark expressed out of 110, determined by the arithmetic mean of the student's career grades.
Honours may be awarded (by unanimous decision of the committee) if the candidate has achieved a mark of at least 105/110 with the average mark for the year and has been awarded at least one distinction.

REWARDS IN FAVOUR OF STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES IN THE UNIVERSITY BODIES AND ORGANISMS The special mention at graduation for the service provided in support of the functioning of the University Bodies only appears on the degree certificate (on tax stamps) which the student may request from the Student Registry Office, while it will not appear on the certificate which the student can download directly from ESSE3.

Conduct of the final examination

The graduation application must be completed online at least ONE MONTH before the graduation session. The student may register for the examination if he/she has taken all the examinations or if he/she lacks no more than two. The last examination must be recorded at least 10 DAYS before the graduation session.
FURTHER OBLIGATORY FULFILLMENTS Within TWO WEEKS of the graduation session, the student must complete the online internship evaluation questionnaire on the ESSE3 platform (not required in the case of an international mobility placement). The questionnaire is only displayed after the internship has ended.
Within ONE WEEK of the degree session, the Company Tutor must send the completed internship evaluation form by e-mail to the Course President.
Within ONE WEEK of the graduation session, the candidate must:
- send by e-mail to the Course President and the Deputy Course President a summary of the research activity carried out during the thesis (in PDF format) of a maximum of one page; the summary must indicate: name and surname of the undergraduate student, registration number, title of the thesis, supervisors/co-supervisors; university laboratory/external body at which the thesis was carried out.
- Upload your thesis work (in PDF/A format) in your reserved area. After the Tutor has approved the thesis, the undergraduate student must send it by e-mail to the Course President and the Deputy Course President.
For a correct completion of the Thesis title page, please see the attached template.