Advising and guidance

Depending on the stage of the university journey, a distinction is made between:

  • advising: this is carried out before the choice of course of study and is aimed at prospective freshmen; advising offers support in identifying the course to be undertaken on the basis of individual interests, expectations and aptitudes. In this phase, the different possible scenarios are presented to the future student and the alternatives of the university route are explained;
  • ongoing guidance: this is carried out during the university career and is aimed at students already enrolled. Advising is aimed at guiding students within the Degree Course they have already embarked on, enabling them to establish a better interaction with the structures and the university environment;
  • career guidance: this is carried out close to or after graduation and is aimed at graduates or undergraduates with the aim of facilitating their introduction to working contexts.

The Humanities Degree Course provides delegates and contact persons for these guidance events.
Students can also contact the Tutoring Service.


Guidance activities concern the overall illustration of the Degree Course through presentations to schools, visits to the course venue and the Department, interviews, information material.
In July, the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries also organises the Infoday - From Baccalaureate to University information day: this is an important opportunity to request information on Degree Courses, to attend presentations given by Course Presidents or their delegates, and to participate in guided tours of the facilities (classrooms, laboratories and libraries). The Infoday takes place alongside the traditional Open Day, organised by the University of Parma in April.
All guidance-related activities are publicised throughout the year in the notices section of the website.
Further information is available on the Guidance page of the Department website.

Guidance delegates

The professors of the Humanities degree course who are delegated to deal with guidance and to whom enquiries can be addressed are:

Prof. Nicola Catelli;
Prof. Margherita Centenari;
Prof. Simone Gibertini.

Tutors for students enrolled on the course: prof.ssa Cristina Carusi, prof. Nicola Catelli, prof.ssa Margherita Centenari, prof. Potito D'Arcangelo, prof. Carlo Alberto Gemignani, prof. Marco Gentile, prof. Simone Gibertini, prof. Alessandro Pagliara, prof. Paolo Rinoldi, prof. Carlo Varotti, prof. Riccardo Villicich.

For career guidance, students are invited to consult the appropriate page on the website.