Student tutors

The university offers a tutoring service to guide and assist students throughout their curriculum.
Tutoring is carried out by Degree Course professors and students identified through an annual call for applications published on the Department website.

Student tutor

Department tutors and course tutors are experienced students (e.g. Master's degree students), PhD students or postgraduate students who put their experience at the service of students in the three-year degree course for guidance, teaching assistance and practical assistance. Tutors are selected by the Department on the basis of their track record and activity.
Students can turn to them for any doubts or needs regarding the curriculum. For example, the tutor deals with:
welcoming incoming freshmen;

  • assisting in the choice of curriculum;
  • assisting in the compilation of the programme of study;
  • difficulties in settling in or approaching the organization of university studies;
  • logistical and didactic problems (e.g. related to attending classes and preparing for exams);
  • introduction to the use of the Department's facilities (libraries and laboratories);
  • help in organising study and exams;
  • support in finding information on international mobility and curricular internships;
  • general guidance on dissertations;
  • general guidance on administrative services;
  • assistance with any obstacles that may arise during the curriculum.

Tutor Professor

The student may also turn to the tutor professor for more specific suggestions and explanations on the course of study, study and research methodology, and guidance.
The course tutor professors are:

Tutors for students enrolled on the course: prof.ssa Cristina Carusi, prof. Nicola Catelli, prof.ssa Margherita Centenari, prof. Potito D'Arcangelo, prof. Carlo Alberto Gemignani, prof. Marco Gentile, prof. Simone Gibertini, prof. Alessandro Pagliara, prof. Paolo Rinoldi, prof. Carlo Varotti, prof. Riccardo Villicich.

Peer tutoring (for students with disabilities or SLD)