Thesis/Final examination

The final examination must testify to the student's cultural growth in the field of study of the degree course.

Characteristics of the final test

The final examination for the degree course in Economics and Management consists of an examination on one or more topics chosen by the student from among those proposed by the Professors of the committee with the aim of testing the student's ability to learn independently.
Honours may be awarded as part of the final assessment for students with a particularly meritorious study record.

Conduct of the final examination

The procedure for the final examination for the Economics and Management degree course is set out in the documents on the Department's website at

Graduation: forms and info for graduating

In order to make students more aware of how this final examination is conducted, a clarification meeting is held annually for all students of the degree course in order to better clarify these procedures and dispel any doubts in this regard.

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Detailed information can be found on the Degrees page of the Department website.