Corso di Economics and management - Università degli Studi di Parma

Double degree with Grenoble Ecole de Management - France; Bochum University of Applied Sciences - Germany

The course aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of business management, according to different profiles and fields of application.

It is divided into five different curricula that are highly thematically specialised. All teaching in the third year is differentiated according to the chosen curriculum, with the exception of the Business English examination, which is compulsory for all.

The 5 curricula

Curriculum in Business Administration (CLEA) develops subjects related to the administrative functions of companies, as well as providing the specific skills to pursue the path of the liberal professions.

Curriculum in Economics and Finance (CLEF) provides expertise in the field of financial intermediation and financial markets (banking, insurance, credit institutions).

Curriculum in Economics of International Markets (CLEI) delves into the characteristic topics of import-export activities and presence in foreign markets, as well as the typical issues of international economic-political institutions.

Curriculum in Economics and Marketing (CLAM) provides the conceptual tools to understand the needs of customers/consumers and to propose strategies and operational solutions aimed at meeting these needs (such as launching a new product, managing a brand, developing a communication campaign).

Curriculum in Economics and New Digital Technologies (CLED) provides knowledge and skills on one of the most important and debated topics of our time: the impact of the digital economy on the way we do business, on the traditional economy and more generally on our society.

Degree course
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180 credits


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