Stage/Thesis: offered available topics

You can check the offered available topics of Food Safety and Food Risk Management Internships on this file Excel:

Internship offered available topics

General aspects

The Master's Degree in “Food Safety and Food Risk Management” is achieved by passing the Final Exam (Degree Exam), which consists in the discussion of a Thesis with a high technical-scientific content, on an original subject developed during the Internship.
Internship and Final Exam are therefore strictly interconnected, so that the student can acquire further skills related to the development of an original research, the organization of the information collected in a written report (Degree Thesis) and the presentation and critical discussion of the above during the Final Exam.
The Internship is therefore intended to be an integral part of the Final Exam, in a synergistic and unified educational path.
The activities foreseen in the Master's Degree Thesis can be carried out in three different ways:
-    INTERNSHIP WITHIN UNIVERSITY PREMISES (Departments or Research Groups operating within University of Parma, or Sacred Heart Catholic University – Piacenza, or University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia, or University of Bologna – Alma Mater, or University of Ferrara).
-    INTERNSHIP WITHIN EXTERNAL PREMISES (within Companies, Public- or Private-law Entities other than the above mentioned Universities, also including different Universities), with which specific agreements have been stipulated.
-    INTERNSHIP IN INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY (within Foreign (non-Italian) Universities, Research Centers, Companies o Institutions).

Access to the Thesis period

Normally, the thesis activity is carried out by students who are enrolled in the last year of the course or by students who are enrolled outside the prescribed time period for the course.
Each year, the Course Council indicates the names of the Academic Tutors, one for each of the universities involved, and of the Company Tutors, one for each of the universities involved. The Academic Tutor of every university has the task of coordinating and officially record, on the ESSE3 system, the internal or the external internships carried out with the supervision of a Thesis Supervisor of his/her own university.

The Internship foreseen in function of the Thesis requires the activation of a training project. The student can view the Internship offers (opportunities) published on his ESSE3 web page ( and apply for the desired ones by choosing the item “Opportunità” (Opportunities) in the section “TIROCINI E STAGE” (INTERNSHIPS AND STAGES).
After the host institution has entered the training project, the student must:
1) choose the Academic Tutor of the university involved in the training project; 
2) view and accept the training project.
Each operation is verified and validated online by the office in charge.

Instructions in order to activate your internship (in italian)

The offers of Internal Internship opportunities, to be carried out at the University premises, are proposed by professors of the Departments involved in the activities of the Degree Program, who act as Thesis Supervisors. The student is required to indicate the name of the Academic Tutor belonging to the specific University involved, through the online procedure of ESSE3, before the approval of the training project.
In the case of Internship opportunities offered by External Hosting Organizations, the student, before declaring online his/her willingness to accept the offer, must check the availability of a University Professor to act as Thesis Supervisor. The Thesis Supervisor, who collaborates with the Company Tutor of the Host Organization, can be any Professor or Assistant Professor belonging to the Departments involved in the activities of the Degree Program.
Since the characteristics and/or the number of offers (internal / external) may not be able to satisfy the demand, the students can also personally take action to search for an Internship proposal, either internal or external to the University, without prejudice to the necessity to also find an available Thesis Supervisor in one of the Universities involved in the activities of the Degree Program.
The procedures for the management of the training projects and of the agreements to be signed with the Host Companies / Organizations take place online, as indicated by the Internship Sector of the University of Parma. Once the external host (and corresponding Company Tutor) has been identified, the Host Organization or Company must activate the Agreement with the University, accessing the online procedure for this purpose (
The beginning of the Internship can only take place after confirmation of the completion of the procedure has been received by the competent University services.
The Internships in International Mobility are activated within the University of Parma International Mobility programs (Erasmus, Overworld) according to the procedures set out in the Regulation for International Mobility, after the compilation of the Learning Agreement document and the signature by the Host Institution and the University Academic Tutor, before and at the end of the Internship period. For each Internship project, the Host foreign Institution must identify a Company Tutor (internal contact person for Internship). A Professor belonging to the Departments involved in the activities of the Degree Program will act as Thesis Supervisor.