Materiale didattico (Portali Elly)

Elly is a precious support especially for the study. In fact, it offers the possibility to consult the teaching material of the lessons, uploaded directly by the teacher: in this way the student can deepen during the moments of individual study the topics covered during the lessons without risking losing important passages. .

In the Elly portals for online teaching you will find the teaching materials of the lessons, any video recordings or other audio-video support materials to ensure effectiveness, inclusion and participation in the training experience and to meet, in particular, the needs of working students and students who are in fragile conditions.

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Further information can be found on the University website page

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How to access Elly platform if your enrollment process has not yet been completed

It is possible to access Elly, if you do not have the University credentials because the enrollment process has not yet been completed, using numeric or guest credentials.

See the enclosed instructions (page 4)