cod. 02088

Academic year 2009/10
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Geologia applicata (GEO/05)
Discipline di scienze della terra
Type of training activity
24 hours
of face-to-face activities
3 credits
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course unit
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Integrated course unit module: GEOGRAPHY

Learning objectives

The Course gives the keys to understand causes and effects of main principal natural processes and phenomena. <br />
Cartography examines the interpretation and use of maps, a very important tool to show the distribution of phenomena and environmental characteristics. <br />
The Course contains the arguments: <br />
- Geomorphology <br />
- Cartography <br />


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Course unit content

<p> Geomorphology. <br />
Agents of landscape development. Physical and chemical weathering. <br />
Mass movements. Landslides classification. <br />
Stream energy and velocity. Erosion and deposition by streams. Fluvial pattern. The equilibrium profile. <br />
Glacier landscapes. Alpine glaciers. Glacier erosion and transportation. Depositional landforms. Snouts. <br />
Shoreline landscapes. Wave erosion, marine cliffs, beaches. <br />
Wind erosion. Transport by wind. Dune types. <br />
Karst landscapes. <br />
<br />
Cartography. <br />
The Earth forms. Earth ellipsoids in Cartography. Map projections. The geographic grid. Triangulation and photogrammetric survey. Map scale. The geographic coordinates: latitude and longitude. The Gauss-Boaga and UTM grids. The GPS. Map symbols. Topographic contour maps. Contour lines. Earth relief features by contour lines. The Italian National Cartography and Regional Cartography. The topographic profile. The perimeter of a drainage basin. Interpretation and use of topographic maps. <br />

Full programme

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 A.N. STRAHLER: "Geografia fisica", PICCIN (1984) <br />
S. PEREGO: "Cartografia (Lettura delle carte topografiche)", SANTA CROCE (2004) <br />
T. McKNIGHT, D. HESS: “Geografia fisica. Comprendere il paesaggio”, PICCIN (2005) <br />
SAURO U., MENEGHEL M., BONDESAN A., CASTIGLIONI B. – Dalla carta topografica al paesaggio. Atlante ragionato. – ZetaBeta editrice s.r.l., Istituto Geografico Militare <br />

Teaching methods

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Assessment methods and criteria

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Other information

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