Average calculation

The Commission makes a final judgement and formulates the degree grade. The final grade (from a minimum of 66 points to a maximum of 110, with honours if applicable) takes into account the student's entire course of study and is derived from the average of the grades obtained throughout the career (calculated as a weighted average for ECTS credits) to which the grade for the thesis is added, which is between 0 and 4 points. There are also bonuses for students who graduate within prescribed time for course completion. In particular, students finishing their current career will be awarded 4 points (first session: July-September), 2 points (second session: December) and 1 point (special session: February-April) in addition to their thesis grade. In cases of exceptional quality of the work carried out by the student both in the preparation of the thesis and in its presentation, and having assessed his or her career, the Commission may decide to award additional points with a maximum of 2. Honours are proposed by tthe supervisor and unanimously approved by the committee only and exclusively in the event of attainment, in the manner indicated above, of a mark of 110 with at least 1 distinction obtained in the examinations. There is an award for student representatives in the University bodies that consists of a special mention at graduation for their service in supporting the functioning of the University bodies, as established by the Department.
The overall grade for the final examination is announced at the proclamation ceremony.

Rewards for student representatives on university bodies and organs

At its meetings of 8 April and 6 May 2021, the Council of the Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability resolved to award the "special mention at graduation for the service provided in support of the functioning of the University Bodies" to students who have participated in the Collegiate Councils listed below, for at least one year of activity and provided that they have guaranteed attendance at
 least 75% of the meetings (excused absences up to a maximum of 25% of the total number of meetings will also be counted as attendance).
Students must self-certify their participation by sending a communication to the Course President when submitting their application for graduation, specifying:
-the type of collegiate body
-the time span of the term of office of the representative
-the dates of the meetings in which he/she actually took part,
the Course President , with the assistance of the Quality Assurance Office, will check what has been self-certified and will proceed to inform the President of the Graduation Committee. The administrative services of the Department are mandated to carry out the subsequent and consequent tasks.
N.B. The special mention at graduation for the service offered to support the functioning of the University bodies appears only on the degree certificate (on tax stamps) that the student may request from the Student registry office, while it will not appear on the one that the student can download directly from ESSE3.
University Bodies and Organs:
Academic Senate
Board of Administration
Evaluation Committee
Student Council
University Quality Committee
Single Guarantee Committee
University Sports Committee
Department Council
Joint Professors' and Students' Committee
Departmental Quality Committee
Course Council
Review Group