Learning objectives

The first-cycle degree course in 'Natural and the Environmental Sciences' has the specific educational objective of providing a solid naturalistic and environmental background that enables the graduate to address issues and problems relating to the natural and man-made environment, in all its biotic and abiotic components and their interactions. In particular, the aim is to provide a good preparation in the basic disciplines, enabling naturalistic and environmental issues to be tackled with the scientific method; to provide an adequate preparation in the fields of Earth and Life Sciences; to provide the basic notions of environmental management, as well as legal-economic notions to define the complex relations between environment and society; to provide the tools to deal with field and laboratory activities; to provide the knowledge, in written and oral form, of the English language (level B1), with reference also to the disciplinary lexicons. At the end of the course, the Nature and Environmental Science graduate will have learnt to analyse and understand the characteristics of the natural environment and will have a good practice not only of the scientific method, but also of monitoring and intervention techniques for solving environmental problems in both natural and man-made environments.
Specifically, our graduates will know how to:
- apply methods and techniques for the investigation of the territory and its various biotic and abiotic components; - work correctly in the collection and processing of data in the laboratory and in the field; - apply knowledge in the natural and environmental sciences to environmental education and science dissemination.