cod. 1001367

Academic year 2011/12
3° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Economia degli intermediari finanziari (SECS-P/11)
Type of training activity
80 hours
of face-to-face activities
10 credits
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course unit
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Learning objectives

The corporate finance course has the following objectives:
- Strengthen the skills for the correct diagnosis of company financial problems;
- Make available models and logical assessment of financial solutions for
businesses in different competitive environments;
- Strengthen the skills associated with the construction of valuation models concerning international lending.


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Course unit content

The first part of the course aims at analyzing several issues pertaining creditworthiness valuation. It is
important to understand what is the evaluation logic adopted by lenders. Among the different methodologies, it is possible to include the reclassification of the balance sheet, the ratio analysis and the financial flows analysis.
The second part of the course concerns the identification of circumstances involving the powers of the financial executives. Each circumstance should be analyzed with regard to availability and to the critical tools to bring under control.
Finally, the third part of the course makes the focus on the finance for export. In this part, the focus is put on the competences of the financial executives in managing the payments and the finance concerning the international export. In this part of the course, the students can develop their own simulation
models in the field of financial decisions for exports.
A - Analysis of financial equilibrium
The tools of assessment and analysis of financial strength. The analysis of the
maximum level of debt bearable. Possible imbalances in financial management.
B - Financial policy and objectives to be pursued: improvement of the rating, risk
management, hedge, the fiscal situation of crisis, the recovery of profit margins and
C - Valuation models for international financial settlements
The logic of financial modeling and business simulation for international lending. The development and
validation of models for financial decisions concerning exports.

Full programme

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L'equilibrio finanziario, E. Pavarani (a cura di), McGraw-Hill, 2006

Teaching methods

Business simulation

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam

Other information

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