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Academic year 2023/24
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Sociologia generale (SPS/07)
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12 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
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Integrated course unit module: MANAGING EMOTION IN THE AID PROCESS

Learning objectives

The module aims to encourage the acquisition and refinement of skills related to relational conflict management skills, in which one finds oneself inserted as people and as operators, with the aim of developing the following training objectives:
1) Define the forms of conflict -conflict with others - the conflict with oneself, -conflict as an irreducible dimension of the relationship.
2) The emotions at play in the conflict - recognize the emotions that are activated - awareness of the emotions involved - how to take care of painful texts, - the management of emotions.
3) Experience the conflict -communication in conflict -the initiation of the conflict, - conflict escalation, - the difference between physiological conflict and pathological conflict, -the distinction between conflict and violence.
4) Read the conflicts -how to stand in the conflict, - how to transform the conflict from obstacle to opportunity -conflict as constraint and possibility - conflicting styles


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Course unit content

The world of conflicts is unpredictable and enigmatic. It takes on shades ranging from envy, to rivalry, to competition, to enmity, always halfway between the irrevocable break and the solid confirmation of sociability. Litigiosity, from which conflicts arise, is a complex system in which reasons and passions are agitated which are not always easy to decipher and regulate. The conflict arises from the meeting of two contradictory desires which oppose each other and which appear as vital to those to whom they belong. Every conflict has its own character, which can be traced back to the differences between people. Attention will be paid to the common, non-uniform, but frequent interactive aspects. Conflict will be analyzed as an unavoidable component of interactions between individuals and its positive meaning will be valued, as a comparison between positions, opinions, beliefs, different knowledge, needs. The conflict will be understood in its dimension of enrichment, of growth for the subjects involved, without denying the potential destructiveness and distinguishing it from pathology and violence. The module provides for the discussion of topics aimed at promoting the construction of skills aimed at instrumenting and implementing the ability to manage conflictual relationships within the helping process, as a methodological professional process of social work, which is based on the relational dimension. The conflictual dimension will be explored both in terms of the structure of relationships with the people with whom the social service operates, and in relation to the organizations in which the social worker finds himself inserted.

Full programme

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Laura Pirotta, Maria Claudia Perego " So-stare nel conflitto "edizioni Enea,2021

Slides provided by the teacher

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons and experiential teachings, such as exercises and simulations, with which one approaches the theme of the relational dimension of a conflictual nature. Slides will be used to support the lessons, they will be uploaded on a monthly basis on the Elly platform. To download the slides, you need to register for the online course. The slides are considered an integral part of the teaching material. Non-attending students are reminded to check the available teaching material and the information provided by the teacher via the Elly platform

Assessment methods and criteria


In evaluating the exam, the determination of the final grade will take into account the following elements:
• The ability to create critical links;
• The quality of the organization of the speech and presentation;
• The use of specialized vocabulary;
• The relevance of the answer.

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