cod. 1004805

Academic year 2024/25
2° year of course - Second semester
Mattia IOTTI
Academic discipline
Economia ed estimo rurale (AGR/01)
Discipline economiche, statistiche, giuridiche e informatiche
Type of training activity
47 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

The course is aimed at teaching knowledge and understanding of the basics of the market economy and of livestock production, agribusiness and estimate. The student will also learn to apply the acquired knowledge and understanding in identifying and solving the problems of business management in relation to the policies of the EU and to food security.



Course unit content

The economic system.
The national and European livestock framework.
Market, supply and demand.
Consumer and firms theory.
The entrepreneur, the company and the firm.
The firm's annual report and the performance ratios.
Agri-food system and supply chains, firm strategies.
Geographical indications, PDO and PGI products, TSG products.
Cost analysis.
Public intervention and EU policies.
Taxation and the cadastral system.

Full programme

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IOTTI M. (2016). La valutazione degli investimenti industriali.
Franco Angeli, Milano.

MARIANI F., VIGANO' E. (2011) Il sistema agroalimentare dell'Unione Europea. Carrocci Editore, Roma.

ZUCCHI G. (2006) Zooeconomia. Economia del sistema delle produzioni animali. Edizioni Avenue media, Bologna.

Slides of the lessons and materials made available to students on the Elly platform.

Teaching methods

The course is taught by lectures.

Assessment methods and criteria

The achievement of the course objectives is assessed with an oral examination. Through questions about the course contents it will be determined whether the student has achieved the goal of knowledge and understanding of the contents. Through questions regarding the preparation of a business budget and evaluation of related economic indicators it will be assessed if the student has achieved the goal of applying the acquired knowledge.

Other information

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