cod. 1010944

Academic year 2022/23
2° year of course - Second semester
- Giuliana GOBBI
Academic discipline
Indefinito/interdisciplinare (NN)
A scelta dello studente
Type of training activity
Student's choice
21 hours
of face-to-face activities
3 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

1. knowledge and understanding. Students must know and understand the issues relating to the importance of sports practice, with interpersonal skills and inclusion.
2. ability to apply knowledge and understanding. Ability to promote messages and educational values ​​of motor practice, such as respect for the rules, respect for the opponent, team play, support between teammates, etc.
3. autonomy of judgment. Ability to evaluate the indications in the field of integration and social inclusion, in a multi-ethnic society.
4 communication skills. Relational and inclusion skills.
5 learning skills. Ability to develop and update activities aimed at integration and inclusion.


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Course unit content

Sport and Integration module integrates the contents dealt with in courses offered by the CdS, such as Psychobiology and Pedagogy Applied to Sport, which identify the values underlying the relations of sports education with society, providing an in-depth analysis useful for the training of students, in an intercultural perspective. In fact, it focuses on how and to what extent sports practice can be useful for the knowledge, acceptance and integration of cohabiting populations. The course will deal with the following topics:
- Sport as a resource for a multi-cultural society;
- Sport as a tool for integration;
- New educational challenges for the expert in sport sciences.
Students will be trained to acquire the necessary skills to manage sports practice activities, with interpersonal and inclusion skills, to promote messages and educational values of motor practice (e.g., respect for the rules, respect for the opponent, team play, support between companions, etc.), which can then be transferred in the context of integration and social inclusion, in a multi-ethnic society.

Full programme

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Material provided by the teacher

Teaching methods

The first lesson will consist of a seminar organized in two parts:
- The first part will include the institutional greetings (University of Parma, Ministry of Labor and Social Policies (MLPS), Sport and Health), the presentation of the form, notes on the entirety of the Project and any context data;
- The second part will include the participation of sports Testimonials / Legend and the presentation of good practices related to field experiences.

The following lessons will consist of a series of seminars held in streaming mode on the themes of the teaching.

Assessment methods and criteria

frequency-based eligibility

Other information

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