Characteristics of the final examination

For the final examination, the student, assisted by a reference lecturer (Supervisor), may choose one of the following two options, in agreement with the Supervisor:

1. Submission of a compilative or experimental thesis to the committee;
2. Presentation of a critical review and commentary of a scientific publication.

The dissertation will be on topics relevant to the characterising aspects of the degree course and will be prepared independently by the graduating student under the supervision of a supervisor.
With regard to the compilative or experimental work, the candidate will discuss/demonstrate to the Committee practical situations of didactics, instruction, training in motor activity or sports disciplines, which have emerged on the basis of the experience gained during internships and practical activities.
The final grade, expressed in hundredths by the Committee, will take into account the student's CV, the quality of the work submitted and the quality of the presentation.

Admission to the final examination

The procedures for admission to the final examination are set out below in accordance with the University Regulations (DR no. 3496 of 22 November 2013) and the Course Regulations.
It is the responsibility of the graduating student to make contact with an official reference member of the teaching staff, who will then act as the Supervisor, within a reasonable timeframe to begin work on the thesis.
It is always up to the graduating student to fill in the 4-copy thesis commencement notice form (which also serves as an application) provided by the Student registry office: 1 copy remains with the student, 1 copy remains with the Supervisor, 1 copy must be delivered by the graduating student to the Student registry office and 1 copy to the Course President.

The application procedure is exclusively online.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that for all degrees planned at university headquarters, the format of the thesis presentation file must be Office 2010 and that MacIntosh operating system files are not compatible.