cod. 1010601

Academic year 2022/23
1° year of course - Annual
Professor responsible for the course unit
ZAZZI Michele
integrated course unit
20 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

The Urban Planning Studio for the Sustainable City aims to provide students with the advanced knowledges in the analysis and evaluation of urban
and land settlements, to make them able to address the reading, interpretation and proposal of the instruments of urban sustainable planning.
With this aim, the studio offers students an overview about the historical evolution of the city, its morphological factors, the system of centralities, the
planning instruments of national and regional issues, the problems and the critical factors that affect the decisions in urban planning.
The workshop will address these issues through the integration of the teaching of the five module of the Studio, offering lectures, seminaries and group work through which students can gain an understanding of issues related to knowledge and design of urban sustainable settlement.


It is necessary to have computer skills and graphical basis to elaborate urban analysis containing maps, text and images.

Course unit content

See the corresponding entry of the other modules of Urban Planning Studio for the Sustainable City:
Urban and Sustainable Planning;
Open Space Planning and Urban Ecology;
Urban and Environmental Applied Physics;
Economic Evaluation of Plans And Projects;
Landscape Planning and Design.

Full programme

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See the corresponding entry of the other modules of Urban Planning Studio for the Sustainable City.

Teaching methods

The theoretical part of the course will be articulated through: lectures with audio-visual aids, while the technical content will be objects of discussions in a seminar format.
The application part of the course will be developed through group activities that will conclude with an exhibition/workshop and a collective discussion on the results that the students will have received.

Assessment methods and criteria

The assessment will be carried out through:
- the preparation of group work that will focus on the analysis and planning tools for the urban regeneration of a specific territory selected in agreement with the teachers;
- the final interview exam.
Final assessment will be carried out through an oral examination on the contents of the lessons.
For the assessment exam, the score will be determined as follows:
Group work 50%, divided as follows:
diligence and task focus 5%;
accuracy of the assessments made 35%;
ability in graphics and statement 10%;
Oral exam 40%, divided as follows:
theoretical correctness 40%;
property and clarity 10%.

Other information

It is recommended to attend the course and practical exercises that will be conducted periodically in the classroom.
At the end of the group works, the students will synthesize the results of their activities in posters that will be presented and discussed in the workshop
on the issues of urban teaching that will take place at the end of the academic year.