cod. 1003444

Academic year 2022/23
1° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Storia dell'architettura (ICAR/18)
"discipline storiche per l'architettura"
Type of training activity
60 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

At the end of the course the student is able to recognize, historically place and critically evaluate the major architectures of the contemporary era, to read their main constructive aspects and to frame them in the context to which they belong.


Knowledge of Western history and culture from the Industrial Revolution to the second half of the twentieth century.

Course unit content

The course aims to provide in-depth historical knowledge of the constitutive themes of contemporary architecture, from the industrial revolution to the second half of the twentieth century. The main authors, buildings, events, but also cultural movements and fundamental episodes of artistic production are presented, in order to encourage the student to develop a personal critical and interpretative ability and a propensity for interdisciplinary and diachronic comparison.

Full programme

The program will be presented in class at the beginning of the course.


For preparing the exam, students have access to the pdf of the lessons and the bibliography indicated below. It is also advisable to supplement the bibliography using the main monographs dedicated to individual architects and available in the library.
• Leonardo Benevolo, Storia dell’architettura moderna, Laterza, Roma-Bari 2001
• Marco Biraghi, Storia dell’architettura contemporanea I 1750-1945, Piccola Biblioteca Einaudi, Torino 2008
• Marco Biraghi, Storia dell’architettura contemporanea II 1945-2008,Piccola Biblioteca Einaudi, Torino 2008
• William J.R. Curtis, L'architettura moderna dal 1900, Mondadori, Milano 1999 (I ed. Phaidon, London 1982)

Teaching methods

Lectures and seminars.

Assessment methods and criteria

1. Oral exam
The exam consists of an interview relating to all the topics covered in the lessons and the contents of the bibliography. During the exam, the student is asked to be able to draw an explanatory sketch (plan, elevation, section, details ...) of the main architectures presented in class.

2. Carnet of hand drawings
On the day of the oral exam, each student must bring their own sketchbook of hand drawings of the entire History course. Revisions of the notebook will be scheduled.

Other information

Students will be provided with the slides projected during the lessons in pdf format.