Advising and guidance

Guidance refers to all activities aimed at enabling future and current students to plan and manage their learning in a way that is consistent with their personal life goals and makes full use of their individual skills and interests to achieve personal fulfilment.
Depending on the stage of the university process at which these activities are carried out, a distinction is made between:

  • Advising: carried out before the choice of degree course, incoming guidance is aimed at future students and offers support in identifying which course to take based on individual interests, expectations and aptitudes. In this phase, the various possible scenarios are presented to the future student and the alternatives of the university path are illustrated;
  • Guidance: carried out during the university career, it is aimed at enrolled students and is designed to guide them through the degree courses they are on, enabling them to better interact with the structures and the university context;
  • Career guidance: carried out close to or after graduation, it is aimed at graduates or graduating students and designed to facilitate their introduction into the working environment.


Specific initiatives of the Degree Course in Architecture, Regeneration and Sustainability (ARS):

Participation in guidance meetings at school sites, at the request of the schools concerned, with a presentation of the main features of the new sustainability-oriented degree course in architecture.

Organisation of guidance initiatives on the university campus at the request of the Schools: guided tours of classrooms, laboratories, libraries; popular lectures and/or seminars on specific topics to be agreed upon; access to some curricular lectures; meeting with undergraduates or recent graduates.

The degree course in Architecture, Regeneration and Sustainability, like all those directly aimed at the training of architects, has national scheduled access. For students enrolling for the admission test in Parma, a free information and guidance meeting will be held. The meeting will be held by lecturers from the Department of Engineering and Architecture and will cover the following topics:

  • Illustration of the general characteristics of the admission test;
  • How to prepare for the Physics and Mathematics and Logical Reasoning questions;
  • How to prepare for the Drawing and Representation questions;
  • How to prepare for the General Culture and History questions;
  • Strategic advice for passing the admission test;

What to do after taking the admission test.

Lesson zero (also open to final year students from High Schools): at the first lesson of the academic year, the Course President, lecturers and tutors will present services and facilities and provide useful tips and advice, so that students can organise and carry out their university career in the best possible way.
Guidance Delegate:
Prof. Eva Coisson


Ongoing tutoring and guidance

The service is intended to support students' appropriate integration and progress in the degree course.
A Welcome Day is planned with a 'Lesson Zero', usually scheduled as the first lecture of the academic year, where students can begin to find out how the university and degree course work and about the main services available. More information can be found here: Welcome Days
Tutors (students and professors/instructors) will be available to guide and support students throughout their education, guiding and advising them in their choices and supporting them in the organisation of their studies, with the aim of building a coherent educational pathway and preventing delays in the completion of their studies:
- Professor tutor: Prof. Andrea Zerbi;
- Student and PhD tutors: selected for each academic year following specific calls for applications.
See the dedicated webpage for the complete list of tutors