Average calculation and criteria for determining the degree grade

  1. The degree examination consists in the evaluation, by a special committee, of the curriculum of the studies carried out and of a collection of one or more graphical papers relating to the critical selection and graphic composition of the documentation of the outcomes (design and analysis) of the final synthesis workshop. The preparation of the papers may take place partly within the final synthesis workshop itself.
  2. The committee's final assessment is given as a mark out of 110 and is formulated on the basis of the following elements:
  • the weighted average, marked out of 110 and calculated by the Student Registry Office by weighting the marks by the number of credits attributed to the course to which each individual examination relates;
    any credits recognised without a mark or acquired in excess (extracurricular) do not count towards the average;
  • the candidate's overall career.
  1. In recognition of the academic career, i.e. the organisational capacity demonstrated by the candidate in the course of his or her studies and commitment to following the pace set for teaching, the committee awards:

a three-point increase in the average out of 110 for those graduating by the autumn session (September and December sessions) of the third academic year;

a two-point increase in the average out of 110 for those graduating by the special session (March and April sessions) of the third academic year.

  1. As further recognition of the validation of the applicant's academic career, the committee may award up to four additional points following the evaluation of the papers referred to in point 1. These points will be added to the weighted average obtained by the candidate during the degree course.
  2. The Commission may award up to 1 additional point on the basis of any documentation submitted by the candidate in relation to obtaining any official recognition for the study activity, in particular for participation in international programmes.
  3. In the event that the candidate achieves a mark of 110 out of 110, the committee may award honours unanimously on the basis of the documentation referred to in point 3.
  4. At the end of each graduation session, the President of the Committee proclaims the graduates and announces the marks obtained.