Degree examinations

Students wishing to gain admission to the degree examination must submit a specific application to the Student Registry Office, in accordance with the procedures laid down by the same Student Registry Office, at least 30 days before the date of the degree session.

In addition to the data requested by the Student Registry Office and the above-mentioned documents (portfolio), the degree application must contain all those elements that the student deems useful for the evaluation of his/her curriculum vitae, i.e. documentation proving any official recognition obtained by the candidate for his/her study activities (scholarships, awards, study periods abroad, etc.).

Students must also acquire the credits required for graduation at least ten days before the date of the graduation session.



Characteristics of the final examination

The final examination for the Degree in Architecture, Regeneration and Sustainability consists in the evaluation, by a special Graduation Committee, of the curriculum of studies carried out and a collection of graphic works (portfolio). The aim of this compilation is to critically select and compose graphic documentation of the design and analysis outcomes of the characterising disciplines, on topics relevant to the specific aspects of the degree course and will be prepared independently by the undergraduate under the supervision of a supervisor. The document should consist of a short report accompanied by graphical, photographic and/or three-dimensional models.

The preparation of the paper may take place partially within the final synthesis workshops, the aim of which is to encourage and stimulate the student to produce a personal and concise re-elaboration of the conceptual and operational tools acquired during the degree course. Furthermore, the project-based approach aims to develop the candidate's aptitude for creative problem-solving with multiple variables and constraints, in anticipation of the possible state examination (Junior Architect or Junior Planner), of the relative employment opportunities on the labour market, or alternatively of the continuation of the training course, constituting in fact a calling card of the skills acquired in the professional field.

Conduct of the final examination

Degree examinations and proclamations are public.

The Graduation Committee, composed of at least five Professors on the Degree Courses in Architecture, one of whom shall act as President, and appointed by the Director of the Department of Engineering and Architecture. The Graduation Committee, after approving the project paper and hearing the opinion of the supervisor, will proceed to award a mark out of 110.

At the end of each graduation session, the President of the Committee proclaims the graduates and announces the marks obtained.