cod. 1004395

Academic year 2024/25
3° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Biologia applicata (BIO/13)
A scelta dello studente
Type of training activity
Student's choice
48 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

To provide fundamental knowledge on the production of transgenic eukaryotic organisms and the critical tools to understand the impacts.


No formal prerequisite. It is advisable to have basic knowledge of biology and genetics.

Course unit content

The course deals with transgenic organisms (fungi, plants, animals) in their possible applications, with a special consideration of technical, ethical, social, legal, environmental issues

Full programme

Introduction - Basic information about biotechnological methodologies

How transgenic organisms are produced

Examples of application of transgenic organisms in research (international literature)

Main applications of transgenic organisms (International literature)



-Environmental problems

Information about ethical, legal, social and environmental issues


The Elly platform provides the complete material shown during the lectures, original texts as reference and other activities the student can perform at home

Teaching methods

The course is organised with frontal lectures in which slides are shown. The material derives from the recent international scientific literature; during lectures, extracts from original papers are read and discussed.

Distance learning (full or blended) will be considered based on health risks.

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam requires submission of an original essay concerning one application of transgenic organisms, with the topic chosen by the student. The essay is prepared according to instructions published on the website (format, length, content). It must be an essay concerning a research paper from the scientific literature, including a personal comment about the ethical, social, legal implicaztions of GMOs.
Verification of abilities (Dublin descriptors):
-knowledge is included in the essay, snce the students describes the methods
-application of knowledge is included in the essay, since the student rads and comments on a paper
-communication skills are verified by the quality of the essay and compliance with requisites
-making judgements is verified in the choice of the topic and in the personal comments
The basal knowledge required to pass the exam concerns: correct description of the transgenic organism, provide a personal opinion about the ethical-legal-social-environmental issues, with no plagiarism from other sources.

Other information

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