Examination calendar

Students will have to register for calls using the new ESSE3 platform.
To access the ESSE3 system, use your University credentials of the type nome.cognome@studenti.unipr.it; The ESSE3 system does not allow registration for examinations if you have not first completed online (in the ESSE3 system itself) the teaching opinion questionnaire relating to your chosen course.

Student opinion survey questionnaires (OPIS)

The survey of students' opinions concerning teaching is implemented by means of the 'Student Opinion Survey Questionnaires (OPIS)' and is an indispensable element in enabling the improvement of teaching, quality and organization of degree courses.
A 90-minute information video is available at https://youtu.be/TmqvjU6DQdY. This video provides information of interest to students.
The Questionnaire should be completed by the student at the end of the lecture cycle of each course unit.
For students who have not previously taken the assessment, the ESSE3 IT system requires mandatory completion of the questionnaires when registering for the examination.
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