Enrolment procedures and deadlines

BIOTECHNOLOGIES (Class L-2 - Biotechnology) course code 3022 Locally programmed admission course in chronological order of enrolment with merit evaluation through the baccalaureate grade

Enrolment a.y. 2022/2023

Number of places: 110 of which 2 from outside the European Union (including 1 Chinese student Marco Polo Project) Registration opens on 7 July 2022

The registration procedure is exclusively online and can be carried out from the home page of the University's website www.unipr.it under "Online Enrolment" (www.unipr.it/iscrizioni)

For further information please refer to the University's Prospectus

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Bando e guida operativa per l'iscrizione al concorso in cui sono elencati, passo dopo passo, i vari passaggi che i candidati dovranno seguire per portare a termine la procedura.

N.B. Gli screenshot all'interno della guida operativa mostrano, a mero titolo esemplificativo, la pagina per l'iscrizione al Corso di Chimica. 

Access requirements

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Admission to the degree course requires an upper secondary school diploma or another qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable under current legislation.

KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED For enrolment in the degree course, it is necessary to possess an adequate initial preparation, generally provided by almost all secondary education, including knowledge of the principles of mathematics, physics, biology and general chemistry.

VERIFICATION OF KNOWLEDGE Verification of the knowledge required for access to the degree course will take place in accordance with the procedures determined by the Course Regulations.

ADDITIONAL TRAINING OBLIGATIONS A negative result in the knowledge test leads to the allocation of an additional training obligation (OFA) which must be fulfilled during the first year of the course on the basis of criteria defined annually and specified in the Course Regulations of the Degree Course.

Admission procedures

The degree course in Biotechnology is subject to programmed access pursuant to Art. 2 of Law 264/1999, in order to ensure access to highly specialised laboratories, computer and technology systems and customised study places. The number is decided from year to year by the competent academic bodies, after assessing the teaching, structural and instrumental resources available for the organisation, management and operation of the course: for the academic year 2022/2023 the number is 110 students.
As of the 2015/2016 academic year, admission to the first year is by enrolment in chronological order. The list of candidates also takes into account the high-school diploma grade obtained. When the available places are filled, a list of those entitled to enrol is then opened and they are called upon to enrol if places become available.
Enrolment procedures are described on the University website, in the Prospectus and in the Degree Course documents.

PART TIME registration

Since the 2015-2016 academic year, the figure of the part-time student has been introduced at the University of Parma. 
More details can be found in the University's Regulations for the Registration of Part-Time Students.

The programme of study for part-time students can be found in the annex to the Study Course Regulations.