cod. 1005558

Academic year 2019/20
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Lingua e traduzione - lingua inglese (L-LIN/12)
Discipline semiotiche, linguistiche e informatiche
Type of training activity
54 hours
of face-to-face activities
9 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

As well as developing written and oral language skills and translation strategies, the course aims at providing students with both general and specific knowledge of the methods of analysis of written and oral texts.

Knowledge and understanding:
students will develop knowledge and comprehension skills for decoding primary and secondary meanings in different types of written and oral texts

Applying knowledge and understanding:
students will be able to apply knowledge and comprehension skills useful for decoding and analysing audiovisual and media texts. In particular, students will develop skills needed both to understand and translate texts.

Making judgements:
students will be able to self-evaluate their knowledge of the language, to study autonomously, to re-elaborate the contents learnt during the course, to carry out research on the basis of the contents of the course, to solve problems related to the search of information and to the interpretation of oral and written texts, and to formulate personal opinions.

Communication skills:
students will be able to communicate in English at B1+ level both in wrotten and oral forms, in a register appropriate to the topic.

Learning skills:
students will develop learning skills useful to further study the English language autonomously.


Lectures are almost entirely in English. Therefore students’ knowledge of the language at A2/B1 level is required.

Course unit content

The course focuses on the reading, comprehension and translation of texts related to the world of cinema and show business (film reviews, film scripts, novels adapted into films, online newspaper articles). The use of audiovisual/multimedia material and the analysis of different discourse genres is an integral part of the course.

Full programme

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Murphy, Raymond. English Grammar in Use with answers (Cambridge University Press)
Murphy and Pallini. Essential Grammar in Use with answers (Cambridge University Press)
*Any other reference grammar (B1/B2 levels) is suitable.

Handouts will be made available on Elly platform.

Students have to read a book to be selected from a list provided by the teacher.

Additional references will be provided during the course. The final syllabus will be made available on Elly platform in digital version at the end of the course.

Teaching methods

The selected texts offer authentic examples of the English grammar structures and communicative functions dealt with in the course. Language activities are designed in order to widen and strengthen specific vocabulary related to the field of study. The students will also have to identify and apply translation strategies from English into Italian.
Further suggestions for individual study and text analysis will be given during the course with the aim of stimulating in the student an independent approach to reading and translating.

Assessment methods and criteria

Assessment of the English language knowledge and language skills acquired in the course is carried out by means of a written exam and an oral examination at the end of the academic year. The acquisition of all language skills (written and spoken) is assessed, according to the Common European Framework of Reference, at level B1+. The acquisition of translation strategies which reflects not only the appropriate language register but also the communicative functions of the source text is evaluated.
Students who do not achieve 18/30 in the written test (mainly due to limited language and translation skills) are not admitted to the oral exam, which assesses knowledge of the course contents, presentation/speaking skills, as well as communication skills at B1+ level. The final grade takes into account both the written and the oral exam.

Other information

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