Career prospects

Professionals in communication and production in the creative industries.

Function in a work context:
In the work context, the graduate in Communication and Contemporary Media for the Creative Industries can be employed in public and private organisations, as a communication and public relations officer, as a multimedia expert, as a professional in publishing companies, advertising agencies and in professions related to production and communication in the creative industries, as well as in public and private structures related to the world of visual arts.

Competences associated with the function:
Graduates of the Course in Communication and Contemporary Media for the Creative Industries, through the skills acquired during their training, will have the ability to carry out organisational, editorial and production functions within the various apparatuses of the cultural industries (publishing, cinema, theatre, television, arts, fairs, festivals, advertising and communication agencies), as well as within the visual and performing arts, cinema, television and new media, music, literature and performing arts.

Professional outlets:
Occupational outlets for professionals in the field of communication and artistic-editorial production are represented by the corporate world and communication services, cultural foundations, creative film, theatre and new media industries, museum and tourism enterprises, art galleries and advertising agencies.

Communication skills

At the end of the course, the graduate will be able to communicate the information learned during the course in both oral and written form, with full command of the Italian language and technical and specialised codes.
The graduate will have acquired the ability to work in a team and to relate to colleagues in an autonomous, authoritative and effective manner.
The graduate will also be able to calibrate these communication skills in relation to the type of audience they are addressing. Finally, the candidate will also be able to express these skills with the support of multimedia and through audiovisual means.