Course presentation

The course of study in Communication and Contemporary Media for the Creative Industries (class L-20) is part of the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries.

This is a first-cycle degree course whose structure include twelve course units supplemented (workshops) by compulsory practical activities (amounting to 3 ECTS credits for a total of 36 hours), alongside the traditional curricular course units, which form its applied and professional counterpart.

The cultural basis consists of the block of general course units (contemporary history, literature, sociology of cultural processes, computer science, general linguistics, psychology of communication, English language, economics of cultural industries, philosophy of language, aesthetics) to which are added the more specific course units, combined with practical exercises. These exercises will allow students to measure themselves against simulations of creative industries that increasingly characterise many areas of the arts, film, theatre, music, graphics, publishing, television and new media.

In addition to the more general course units that form the disciplinary basis of the class, the course of study supports a precise line of investigation and research linked to the fields of visual, performance and media culture. Another central element of the student's training is the fields of communication psychology and the economics and management of cultural industries, which are flanked by innovative paths such as those relating to the relationship between the arts and cognitive neuroscience, the dissemination of science as a central theme in contemporary communication, and the topics of interculturalism and institutional pluralism.