Learning objectives

The course of study in Communication and Contemporary Media for the Creative Industries (class L-20), aims to train a professional figure capable of acting in the world of contemporary communication and to relate in a conscious and mature way with the complex universe of contemporary communication, with a particular focus on the visual, performative and media side. The course aims to provide the student with a cultural education that combines the decisive historical and theoretical skills with a type of professional training that encourages direct contact with the world of the creative and cultural industry.
In line with the widely accepted international definition offered by the UK government's Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), 'the creative industries originate from individual creativity, skill and talent; they have the potential to create wealth and jobs through the development of intellectual property. Creative industries include advertising, film and video, architecture, music, art, live performance, computer and video games, publishing, software, design, TV and radio, fashion'.