Enrolment procedures

The Prospectus illustrates enrolment procedures and provides all useful administrative information on the Study Courses at the University of Parma:

For the enrolment procedure, please refer to the information published on the University website:

The specific deadlines for enrolment, transfers and course transfers are published on the following page of the Department website:

Access qualifications

To be admitted to the study course in Communication and Contemporary Media for the Creative Industries, one must hold a high school diploma or another qualification obtained abroad, recognised as suitable in accordance with the laws in force.

The procedures for access to the first-cycle degree course, whether open access or with a limited number of places available, are defined year by year by the Department Council on the proposal of the Course Council and published in the University of Parma Prospectus.

In the case of open access to the course, a non-selective assessment test is scheduled at the beginning of the course.