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Academic year 2010/11
2° year of course - Second semester
Professor responsible for the course unit
integrated course unit
9 credits
course unit
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Course unit structured in the following modules:

Learning objectives

to provide theoretical and practical knowledge about the main methodologies for gene analysis in microorganisms, animals and plants


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Course unit content

1. Basic module - Fundamental principles of gene cloning - Importance of gene cloning - Cloning vectors: plasmids and bacteriophages - Methods for DNA purification - Methods for DNA manipulation - How to introduce DNA in living cells; transformation and selection of ricombinant clones - Cloning vectors for bacteria different from E. coli - Cloning vectors for fungi and yeasts - How to select a specific gene and analyse a cloned gene
2.Cloning in plants - Cloning vectors for plant organisms - Transformation methods for plant organisms - Obtainment of transgenic plants
3. Cloning in animal cells - Growth and properties of animal cells in culture - Selection systems for animal cells - Gene transfer into animal cells - Plasmid vectors for animal cells, amplicons and expression vectors - The fate of transferred DNA - Viral vectors and retroviral vectors for animal cells
4. Transgenic animals - Gene transfer into animals - Gene manipulation in animals - Transgenic animals - Manipulation of embryo and somatic cells
5. Gene therapy - Principles and methods - Experimental models - Some experimental results - Potential human models

Full programme

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"Gene cloning an introduction" T.A. Brown (1986) Van Nostrand Reinhold (UK)

"Ingegneria Genetica" SM Kingsman, AJ Kingsman (1988) Piccin, Padova

"Biotecnologia molecolare" BR Glick, JJ Pasternak (1999) Zanichelli, Bologna

"Genetica generale e umana" volume secondo, L De Carli, E Boncinelli, GA Danieli, L Larizza (1998) Piccin, Padova

Teaching methods

Oral lesson and laboratory

Assessment methods and criteria

written and oral examination

Other information

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