cod. 18645

Academic year 2010/11
2° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Biologia applicata (BIO/13)
Discipline biotecnologiche con finalità specifiche: biologiche e industriali
Type of training activity
40 hours
of face-to-face activities
5 credits
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Integrated course unit module: APPLIED BIOTECHNOLOGY

Learning objectives

This course is aimed to highlight the potential of microorganisms as cell factories for the production of goods and services. The different approaches for screening, selection and genetic manipulation of industrial strains are described. General arrangement and sectors of application of products of industrial fermentations are considered.


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Course unit content

First level knowledge. Plant cells and their peculiarities. How plant cells characteristics drive biotechnology processes.
Methodologies. From plant to cells: tissues dissection, explants preparation,cell culture and tissue culture, anthers cultures and pollen cultures. From cells to plants. Rigeneration, somatic embryogenesis, organogenesis, micropropagation. Cells dissection techniques: organelles purification, proteins extraction, nucleic acids extraction. Non-invasie methodologies for cell study: immunofluorescence, microinjection, fluorescence microscopy.
Applications. Clone production, somatic clones and useful genotypeslarge-scale propagation. Pathogens-resistants plants production. Germplasm conservation for interesting species. Intraspecies hybrids production: protoplasts fusion, male sterility. Biotechnological approaches for genetic improvement: marker assisted selection. Useful substances production. Primary metabolism: sugars and polysaccarides, aminoacids and proteins, lipids. Secondary metabolism: drugs and fibres. Plants exploitation as a source of biomass, as environmental decontamination agents and a biosensors. Transgenic plants applications.

Full programme

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-Gamborg, OL and Phillips, GC "Plant cell, tissue and organ culture: fundamental methods" Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg Sala, F e Cella, R "Colture di cellule vegetali : metodi ed applicazioni" Piccin, Padova
-Material provided by the lecturer

Teaching methods

frontal lectures and laboratory experience

Assessment methods and criteria

written and oral examination

Other information

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